contoh naskah drama dalam bahasa inggris

Themes: Friendship, School, Life
Flow: Indonesian
Number of Characters: 7 People (Tra, Lala, Tri, Lili, Mr. Darmo, Principal, Fauzia)

Morning at the school in the classroom there are 3 children of students were talking. These children have a named gang members tralalatrilili that there are 4 people. That Tra, Lala, Tri, Lili. That is why they call it gang "Tralalatrilili"

Tra: (Cheers) "Morning buddy ....!"
Lala: Tri: "Morning Tra ..."
Tra: "By the way there is less wealth deh!"
Lala: "Yeah, well ..."
Tri: "yes, iyalah missing. People Lili is yet to come. "
Tra: "Oh ... Yes Lili. No wonder he biasanyakan really quiet most captious ...! "

Lili came suddenly, with a pensive face without senyum.Sedikitpun Jump sits on his seat.

Lala: "Tumben really new coming lady nag?"
Tri: "Yeah ya ya oversleep?"
Lili: "Yes ... (Thoughtfully) "
Tra: "You are why Li? You do not usually like this? Usually early in the morning you've made all three of us laughing. "
Lala: "Yeah ya! Ye sick Li, rich you really sluggish."
Tri: "Tau ya asked, I wrote a short answer really."
Lili: "Nope .... Friend me why-why not just another lazy way wrote .... "
Tra: "Fine Li if you had not why-why we are afraid Auja Only if you are again a problem or you are sick but do not want the story."
Lili: "Yes ... anyway I do not why why. You need not be afraid.

(Bel enter any sounds)
Mr. Darmo even get into the class because today Mr. Darmo class teaching hours ini.Ia this one weird teacher at the school.

Mr. Darmo: "Morning .... children? "
Children: (Answering Unison) "MORNING ..."
Mr. Darmo: "Well today we are going to continue the matter last week gave Mr, formerly collect your duty!"
Children: "YES PAK"
Lili: "Sir I left my book at home job!"
Mr. Darmo: "LEFT BEHIND ... ? You do not take his job, is not it? "
Lili: "I do not take it, sir. Really, I'm not lying. "
Mr. Darmo: "Well then you can not value as your friends ...!"
Tri: (whispering) Li ... You do not take the job? You do not usually rich gini .....
Lili: "Yeah I forgot tri. Last night I slept very night!! So I forgot to insert into my bag. "
Mr. Darmo: Father will give selembaran isiunya paper materials important for you to learn .. "

Mr. Darmo share the sheet of paper, the children read it and understand it. Then he checked the duty collected earlier.
Suddenly the father and the principal came into the classroom.

Principal: "Excuse me sir Darmo ... I have a minute. "
Mr. Darmo: "Please father headmaster!!! Indeed, I am also teaching hours are over. "
Principal: "Children are sorry father bother you learn. Soon, you come here want to call a boy named Lili.Yang named Lili raise your hands. "
Lili: (Mengancungkan Hand) "MY PAK!"
Principal: "Take her to the father for a while there that you want to talk!"
Lili: "Good sir."
The arrival of the room is Mr. Principal, Lili sat tensely in front of the headmaster father.
Lili: "What ya pack sampaui my chamber called the father?"
Principal: "Well, is it true you have 3 months delinquent fees?"
Lili: "Yes sir I did not pay for 3 months spp."
Principal: "Why? you get 3 months in arrears what exactly you are in the same money you just use your parents? "
Lili: "No sir I was not given the same uangnnya my parents because my parents do not have money."
Principal: "Well, then .... Mr. kekamu suggest you pay off quickly because soon you will UAN.
Lili: "Good sir. Soon I will finish it. "
Principal: "Yes ... Kekelasmu back! "
Lili: "Thank you, sir. Excuse me! "
Finally Lili back kekelas.Didalam class, Tra, Lala, and Tri're cool chat.
Lala: "Li, Principal Mr. sam you say what? no problem huh?
Lili was forced to lie to his friends because he did not want sahabtanya so know the problems he and participate into the problem.
Lili: "Nope! Not a problem any problem parting cumangobrol wrote ..... I'm the chairman of the committee. "
Lala: "Oh ... You thought what? "
Tra: "Friend, take me home from school tar yes to the bookstore? Because I want to buy novels for all of us shopping.
Lala, Tri: "iyaa!"
Tra: "Li why you silent, anything you do not want to come?"
Lili: "Yeah I do not come Tra rich soalnyakan you know yourself sick father again. Not to Heal, so I had to help her keep the father. "
Tra: "Yes ... already then!
Rest bell rang
Tra: "It's a break, we kekantin yuk .. Ya hungry! "
Lala, Tri: "Yuk .... we are too hungry! "
Lili: "Friend, I do not take yes because I'm not hungry and more males kekantin. You just yes .... ? "
Tra, Lala, Tri: "Well if you do not want to come. We go to the cafeteria first yes? "

Lili forced to lie again when he is not hungry but had no money and suddenly implied in mind Tra Lili to take money that is inside the bag. The money will be used to purchase Tra Shopping Novel and later after school.

Lili: "I'm confused ya have to pay tuition but do not have the money. Ask each mother's mother had not run again for the father to the hospital. Do I take the money that he would dibeluikan Tra novel and shopping certainly has enough money! But he's my own best friend. Forgive me ya Tra. Nothing other way ... Because I have to immediately pay tuition. "

Without Lili Realize that no one saw kelakuannnya that he Fauzia ank class juga.Fauzia Luili accidentally peek at the classroom door.

Fauzia: "What do Lili's her bag Tra why he took the money?"

Fauzia also directly into the classroom and make-pira not know. Go to class bell had sounded. Tra, Lala, and Tri into the classroom.

Tri: "What are you Li?"
Lili: "I again read the book."
Lala: "Just break the class you wrote? not bored Li? "
Lili: "No, I told you I was lazy."
Tra: "Let ... why so dipermasalahin hell .. ? "

Tra has not realized that uangnnya lost. After he opened the bag and saw him open his wallet immediately surprised that the money gone .....

Tra: "Friends, I lost all the money!"
Lala, Tri: "LOST?!?"
Tri: "You forget the times Tra. Try searching Again. "
Tra: "I'm not sure I'd keep the money here. Where are you? "
Lala: "Is there anything you Tra STEAL money!!?"
Tra: "It could be, if no one steals my money might not be lost."
Tri: "Who steals my heart really really hell yeah!?"
Tra: "LI ... ! How do you say anything anyway? Help me donk! Money I lost ya!!
Lili: "It is not I who stole Tra!"
Tra: "Who says you are stealing. Just ask dibantuin I'm looking for. "
Tri: "Li .... why you say so? not that I'm accusing you of tadikan ya You just existing class until break is over. "
Lili: "But not me who took my money Tri Tra. True bukan.Aku Tra's friend and You. "
Lala: (Jutek) "Even if we may call you friends. Fine let us not accuse any of us check your bag, Just to prove it. "
Lili: "Do please DO!! I did not take. "

Suddenly Fauzia talked to them.

Fauzia: "Hey ... Previously I apologize if I meddle your affairs. I Just want to say before I saw Lili Tra open your bag and take something seems to be yes .... MONEY. "
Tra: "You do not lie to the Fauzia?"
Fauzia: "Yeah I'm not lying I saw with my own eyes. Li forgive me, I do not want to cover kejahatan.Jadi, I say what I saw today. "
Lili: "Fauzia .... I do not know if you had seen what I did. Tra, indeed I who took money kamu.Fauzia true. But I had to Tra!!! I'm not mean evil. "
Tra: "So ... You Li who took my money! Geez Li .... I do not really nyangka!!! You had what??? "
Lili: "I had to because I have not paid tuition fees of 3 months. My parents do not have money you know his own father is sick. "
Tra: "But you do not have to like it Li ...."
Lala: "Yes Li why you're not there to be honest with us. If you are honest we will definitely help you.
Tri: "Bener really!!! So you are from this morning's lied more males you say you wrote it turns out you have a problem? "
Lili: "Tra, Lala, Lili I'm sorry I've not honest at you. I like this because I do not want to trouble you continue. I apologize for the same guys. Especially Tra. "
Tra: "I forgive you Li. Because I know you're in a tight spot to do all this. "
Lili: "You are the best friend I Tra, I'm so sorry."
Lala: "However one friend he remained a friend!
Tri: "You are one of La ... rectified huh? However faults of a friend we should forgive him because people would make mistakes and we should not always benar.Jadi tetqap be a true friend. "
Lili: "Thanks, yes my friends you guys are the best friends and the most I love. Thank you guys would forgive me and I still want to be friends.
Tra, Lala, Tri: "YES DONK MUST!"
Tra: "yes already Li My money for you because I know you embutuhkannnya than I am."
Lili: "Right Tra? Thanks once again for you to say battery anytime I will not forget your kindness. "
Tra: "Yes .... Li. You also donk same thanks Fauzia because she had made for your honesty. "
Lili: "Fauzia, thanks ya ... ? Top honesty you! "
Fauzia: "Yeah Li together."
Tra: "Well if it's like it would taste good. Tralalatrilili not destroyed. Tra ... "
Lala: "lala ....."
Tri: "Tri ....."
Lili: "lilies ....."
Tralalatrilili: "YEEEEEEEEE ......."
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